Monday, November 24, 2008

introduction ....

Let's say the hello world of the blog is always the post to present yourself and tell everyone what you think you are going to do with this blog .... So since I am not original at all, I will start by introducing myself.
So I am Vanessa, I am a French 20 years old hot chick, 1'70, 90 cup D and I am looking desperately for a man!
The last line was an attempt of SEO .... just to get some page view. No without joking, I am a French male of 27 years old. I live and work in Japan since 2,5 years. I am a system administrator, nothing really funny but I enjoy it. I am also doing some web development, mainly some PHP/MYSQL. I won't talk about my work in this blog since I am not working for google or IBM making the new genuis piece of software. My company is an usual company with usual IT needs so I don't make huge systems only Content Mananagement things ... Some of you might wonder why I am not blogging in French after all wouldn't be more easy? The quick answer is my written french is really poor so I feel more confident about my English. I know that's a bit weird. Last but not least, what all this blog is about ???? Basically, my geeky comments like gaming/programming/OS/bullshit and the more interesting part for non geeky my comment about Japan and how my life is down here. I hope you are going to love it! maybe!